About us

Medihelp was first established in 1985 as a medical laboratory service provider in Horana town with the objective of providing a quality service at affordable prices. Over the past 30 years we continuously improved our service offering & added new services to our portfolio to provide the best of care to our customers through all our employees who have been trained to the highest of standards.

Today we have evolved to become the premier healthcare service provider in Kalutara district with a fully-fledged private hospital with 7 branches operating throughout the district and a staff of more than 180 employees. We currently operate one of the best laboratory services in the country and we have been able to gain the trust and loyalty of doctors and public throughout the district.

In retrospect, we are highly satisfied about the growth and the progress of our organization and the social services rendered by us for the society as a whole. As a part of our corporate social responsibility, we provide free and subsidized health care services for the under-privileged as well as to several other charitable organizations in the areas we operate.

With the rapid growth of economy and infrastructure in the country as well as in the Kalutara district, there is a huge demand in the private sector health services, creating a necessity of private medical centers and hospitals to cater to the needs of the community who are willing to and can afford to have a better service.

Our future growth plans include expanding our services as private hospitals and medical centers throughout the western province and beyond to become a golden landmark among the healthcare organizations in the country.